raw companies Companies are the leader in producing premium quality white potato, sweet potato, organic potato, non gmo potato, carrots, apples, grapes, cranberries for the pet food industry. raw companies Companies current manufacturing plants are located in Burley, Idaho, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, and Stanfield, Oregon, with warehousing facilities in Filer, ID and Rupert, ID.

History of raw companies Companies

raw companies Companies was founded in 2007 by Jeremy Anderson and Nate Robinson, with extensive experience on all sides of the potato industry. The founders saw a need for high quality domestically grown and manufactured hypoallergenic vegetables in the pet food market. Using their respective experience, they spent the next few years assembling their team and developing the most efficient method to dehydrate vegetables. The result was a high quality dried white potato specifically designed for the extrusion process used in the pet food industry.
During its first year of operations, raw companies Companies entered into a strategic marketing agreement with 3D Corporate Solutions, a leading supplier of ingredients to the pet food industry. This partnership created a barrier to entry, which has enabled raw companies Companies to gain and maintain a valuable market share.

The Industry

Grain free dog foods have become the favorite for those wanting to more closely mimic a dog’s natural diet and lessen the risk of food allergies. raw companies Companies White Potato is the leading hypoallergenic carbohydrate used in the pet food industry. However, prior to raw companies Companies, consistent supplies of quality white potato, sweet potato, organic potato and carrots have created operational and pricing issues that have sidelined many mainstream manufacturers.


raw companies Companies has strategically located our processing facilities in high yield vegetable producing regions.

Research and Development

raw companies Companies has invested a substantial amount of time and resources developing the intellectual and proprietary process it uses to create its products. raw companies Companies is constantly looking for ways to make their existing product lines even better as well as identifying new markets for expansion.

The Science

What makes raw companies Companies products revolutionary?
raw companies Companies Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Tony Bello has worked closely with his team to develop a pet food grade potato and other vegetables that is scientifically designed to outperform traditional potato flakes, granules and flours in extruded pet food. Simply put, the process for making raw companies Companies potato is designed to create optimum starch performance during the extrusion process in pet food applications. Our state of the art process begins as the raw potato stream is minimally cooked in order to achieve the optimum state of starch structure for the extrusion processing needed in producing pet food products. This optimally cooked starch state allows for 30% to 50% increase in throughput without causing any unnecessary shutdowns or breakdowns during extrusion processing in high inclusion pet food potato based product formulations. Our user friendly starch state makes the raw companies Companies product uniquely attractive to pet food manufactures with a high inclusion of starch in their process. raw companies Companies potato pet food formulations perform better in texture, flavor and color due to optimum browning reactions in the presence of reducing sugars (glucose and fructose) during finish drying of the extruded pet foods.